Interior Structural Demolition

Houston, Texas
ATI operators completed interior structural demolition work at Baptist Temple Church in the historic Heights neighborhood in Houston, Texas.

The church, established in 1908, is undergoing renovation to reconfigure the building to fit the current needs of the congregation and add ADA compliance.

Four structural concrete slab floors are being removed – ground level above basement, 2nd and 2nd 1/2. In order to remove the upper floors, several things had to happen. The Brokk robotic hammer had to be maneuvered up the staircase, and then it was used to punch a hole in the center of the second floor. Then, that hole was used to lift a slab saw up to the second floor. The slab saw was then used to put a relief cut around the perimeter of the area to be demolished in order to make a smooth edge.

Along with removing the flooring, some structural beams had to be supported and protected while the demolition work was performed.

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