Core Drilling Contractor

Advanced Core Drilling Technology

Core drilling is drilling holes for conduit, pipes, manholes, or other large-diameter penetrations in concrete or stone.

Core Drilling Experts

Angled coring has been applied by Aggregate Technologies on projects ranging from stabilizing a damaged marine wall that had begun shifting to installing equipment for life-saving cancer treatment equipment at a leading hospital in Houston.

Our firm has the specialized equipment that allows us to core up to six feet in diameter. The drills needed to cut large-diameter cores are not easy to use, and must be operated by experienced operators. Despite the increased degree of difficulty, ATI will not shrink away from coring larger holes when a job requires it.

Pile foundations support most of the key marine infrastructure in the Gulf Coast region. Aggregate Technologies is highly skilled in working to with the piles and drilled shafts that make up the regions ports, piers and wharfs. We are the leader for any marine foundation core drilling project.

Concrete Sawing and Coring

In our industry, concrete sawing and coring are two of the most important construction techniques to aid in the rehabilitation of existing structures. Concrete sawing involves the removal of selected portions of a concrete structure. This includes wall and slab sawing, as well as asphalt sawing. Sawing can also be used in conjunction with precast wall panels to speed up the construction process.

Concrete coring involves creating circular cuts in walls and slabs and is similar to the basic concrete sawing we provide. The precise, circular cores created by our diamond-studded drill bits frequently aid in utility construction to create the required space for plumbing equipment or fiber-optic cables, to name a few examples. Aggregate Technologies has also been called upon to provide concrete coring to sample poured concrete or to collect rock samples for analysis. Additionally, coring makes sense over sawing in sensitive environments where vibrations must be minimized.


    Core Driling Applications

    • Utility Construction
    • Concrete Sampling
    • Utility Construction
    • Rock Sampling
    • Pipe Openings
    • Utility Conduits
    • Water Treatment Plant Rehab
    • Concrete Remediation
    • Cable Routing
    • Anchor & Dowel Installation
    • Core Sampling
    • Bridge Construction