Robotic Concrete Demolition

Advanced Robotic Technology

It’s a fact of life – what goes up must come down, and that includes structural concrete.

Robotic Demolition Experts

One of the more exciting developments in recent years in the construction industry is the deployment of robotic demolition units. Keeping itself on the forefront of construction technology, Aggregate Technologies has introduced the Brokk robotic demolition machine.

The Brokk is the safest, most precise means of cutting and demolishing concrete. The use of the robotic means is perfect when dealing with tight quarters or a job when air pollution control is of the utmost importance. Aggregate Technologies prides itself on bringing the most revolutionary and innovative solutions to the world of construction, and the use of the latest in robotics keeps us on the cutting edge.


    Precision Demolition & Removal

    The Brokk demolition system offers many positive benefits when used effectively, including:

    • Unmatched operator safety due to the remote control operation of the machine
    • Exhaust-free operation, giving little-to-no air pollution
    • An agile and maneuverable method for maximum efficiency
    • Access to confined spaces that are not workable with traditional machinery
    • More power than a similarly-sized backhoe breaker

    The robotic Brokk system can also be added to with digging buckets, grapples, shears, processors, and concrete cutters. Aggregate Technologies has fully embraced the use of robotic demolition methods, and their use accelerates our work, keeps our contractors safe, and limits air pollution, all while performing demolition in the most precise manner possible. Aggregate Technologies is committed to continuing to evolve and embrace new technology in an effort to put our best foot forward when solving the most difficult concrete challenges.