HydroDemolition Contractor

Ideal for Concrete Scarification and Preserving Rebar

What is hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition is a method of using high-pressure streams of water to blast away deteriorated concrete. The water aquajet process works to remove a layers of concrete, exposing the rebar below the surface and providing an excellent bonding surface for fresh concrete.

What are the advantages of hydrodemolition?

The process allows concrete to be removed to very precise depths and creates a uniform surface. Hydrodemolition also preserves reinforcement bars and does not introduce impact and vibration into a structure the way using a jackhammer would. There are also environmental benefits including reduced air and noise pollution. The water used during the demolition process can also be captured quickly and treated so as to reduce runoff contamination.

Hydrodemolition Applications

  • Roadbeds
  • Bridges
  • Parking Garages
  • Refractory Removal
  • Water Plants
  • Vertical Concrete
  • Concrete Membrane Removal
  • Runways
  • Tunnels
  • Dams
  • Vertical Walls
  • Underwater Demolition
  • Mines
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Post-Tension Concrete
  • Anywhere sparks are prohibited
bridge deck resurfacing

Hydrodemolition of Bridge Pier


Hydrodemolition of Bridge Pier

Structural Concrete Modification Without Damage to Rebar
hydrodemolition preserved rebar
Structural Concrete Modification Without Damage to Rebar
5ft-slab-cut hydrodemolition

5-ft thick slab cut using hydrodemolition 

    Hydrodemolition Equipment


    We use the most advanced hydrodemolition technology to complete your projects

    Our hydrodemolition process involves the most sophisticated robotic system available and can be programmed to perform its duties by a single operator well clear of the demolition that is being performed. It utilizes a computer-guided water jet on a track mounted machine that is guided over the surface to be removed. The precision cutting head can be programmed to cut a specific shape with no overruns or relief cuts, such as a manhole or for ductwork. Concrete decks and flooring are removed with the cutting head on the ground, and the machine can also articulate along a vertical wall surface and overhead areas up to 23 feet without support.

    Aggregate Technologies has brought hydrodemolition and our robotic technology to many diverse structure types and applications. The process works particularly well on bridge decks, and can speed up the process of removing a top layer of concrete or other overlay material to create a suitable surface for a repaired wearing course. Hydrodemolition is perfect for scarification of concrete and tunnel renovations.

    We regularly complete hydrodemolition projects across the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and the entire Gulf Coast.