Concrete Demolition Contractor

Advanced Demolition Technology

It’s a fact of life – what goes up must come down, and that includes structural concrete.

Concrete Demolition Experts

We have the experience and expertise necessary to handle any concrete demolition job. We use the best in cutting edge technology and techniques to complete demolition efficiently while maximizing safety. When the situation calls for it, ATI takes the extra step required to develop our own unique solution to a complex demolition project.

    Concrete Demo Applications

    • Residential buildings
    • Bridges
    • Highways
    • Hospitals
    • Water Plants
    • Grain Storage Facilities
    • Airports
    • Runways
    • Parking Garages
    • Dams
    • Underground Walls
    • Concrete Walls

    Concrete Demolition & Removal

    There is no demolition project too challenging for ATI. Our team of engineers and contractors has the expertise to complete demolition while keeping impact to the surrounding building at a minimum, regardless of how confined the space may be. Our demolition work is award-winning, and our use of the best equipment possible reduces noise, vibrations, dust, and leaves the surfaces with a clean edge. Whether a project involves cutting out a portion of a floor slab to create a brand-new staircase or the removal of precast wall panels in a hospital, ATI treats every demolition job like our most important.

    Our concrete demolition teams are experienced performing demolition for many different applications:

    Confined spaces and limited access will not derail our team of experienced professionals. When it comes to concrete demolition, Aggregate Technologies has the experience, expertise, and ability to devise and engineer the best possible solution while reducing impact to the remaining structure.