Concrete Wall Sawing

Advanced Wall Sawing Technology

Working with asphalt is very similar to working with concrete, but there are differences.

Precise Concrete Cuts in Walls

Wall sawing involves the use of a circular blade to create openings or remove damaged concrete. These blades are capable of cutting through walls up to 24 inches thick.

Concrete Wall Cutting

Concrete is frequently used to construct walls in structures because it offers high strength in compression, making it a phenomenal building material for covering long spans that are not viable for steel. Walls are one of the most critical parts of a structure, which in turn makes concrete wall sawing on of the most important parts of a structural rehabilitation or modification. Wall sawing involves the use of a circular blade to create openings or remove damaged concrete. These blades are capable of cutting through walls up to 24 inches thick.

Aggregate Technologies has frequently been contracted to perform wall sawing in completed buildings where new openings are required to improve the serviceability of the structure. When we perform work in an existing structure, even more attention to detail is required. Our teams account for the unique needs of each structure and focus on minimizing air and noise pollution as well as vibration. This is extremely important when working in sensitive environments like hospitals or residential buildings, and our team recognizes this fact.


    Wall Sawing Experts

    The practice of concrete wall cutting is one of the most useful tools in Aggregate Technologies toolbox. Our clients have frequently utilized our services to allow their buildings to evolve and meet changing demands. One such request came from a client in Houston who owned a parking garage. An error in construction left a wall that did not exactly match the as-designed plans. Aggregate Technologies was called upon to remove 12″ of concrete to bring the concrete down to the proper elevation along an entire 200′ wall.

    We also provide emergency wall cutting services and can be on site and working in under 24 hours. Aggregate Technologies has been called upon in the past to provide emergency repairs to structures damaged by fire or collision and has reopened in under 48 hours.

    One recently completed ATI project required our team to create 32 window openings in the first and second floors of a Houston office building. We worked outside of normal business hours to allow the customer to continue operating their business with limited interruption. Furthermore, we took great care to minimize the cleanup inside the offices. The project was completed with minimal impact to the company’s normal operations. ATI brings this same approach to every project, but recognizes even greater care must be taken when working to create new windows in a building without interrupting the day-to-day business of its occupants.

    By cutting wall, structure owners are able to update their properties to meet new needs or repair damaged concrete. It is unavoidable that buildings must change over time to maximize their value. When cutting portions of wall is required to advance your building and improve it for those who work within its enclosure, Aggregate Technologies should be first on the list to call.

    There is no wall cutting job to big or too small for ATI’s experienced team of engineers and concrete contractors. Armed with industry-best equipment and decades of work in the concrete world, Aggregate Technologies has what it takes to tackle any wall sawing job and ensure your building is not falling short.

    As the construction industry continues to turn to the use of precast concrete wall panels at an increasing rate, that will bring with it a corresponding need for precast wall sawing. The use of precast panels will only continue to rise as structural engineers look to increase efficiency and push the limits of constructability.

    The most common applications for precast wall sawing involve the removal of exterior panels or cutting of windows or ventilation ducts into solid panels. Aggregate Technologies has been involved in both types of projects, and has the experience necessary to complete the job as seamlessly as possible. Many of the precast projects ATI has been involved with took place in buildings that would remain open during construction. This forces our contractors to get creative. One of ATI’s most difficult jobs ever involved the removal of well over 300 precast panels from the façade of the Mickey Leland Federal Building in Houston. To complete the work ATI custom-engineered a crane system that allowed the 22-story building to remain open throughout the entire construction process with no impact to its tenants.

    Pentruder HF Wall SAW

    The Pentruder 8-20HF, a high-frequency wall saw with a cutting depth of up to 40 inches, is the latest tool in the ATI arsenal of high-tech equipment.

    Vice President of Sales Ronnie Wills is confident this highly innovative wall saw gives ATI an advantage over other competitors in the industry.

    “There are only a hand full of these machines currently operating in the entire United States. The saw has a hefty price tag, which is why most companies don’t have it – but it’s worth every penny,” explains Wills. “It’s the safest and most productive wall saw in the world, and it enables us to do things other companies cannot.”

    Unparalleled cutting depth is but one of the advantages of the Pentruder 8-20HF. This advanced concrete cutting tool also delivers twice the productivity of other saws as well as remote control operation for maximum safety. Pentruder touts the 8-20HF as an eco-friendly “green” saw because it is powered only by electricity without the use of hydraulics – which means no harmful fumes or fluids. The saw not only minimizes environmental impact, it’s also easier and safer to use indoors.

    With the acquisition of this impressive piece of equipment, ATI continues to cement its reputation as an industry leader in state-of-the-art concrete cutting technology.