Parking Garage Demolition

Houston, Texas
ATI’s structural demolition expertise and skill was put on display after the fifth floor of a five-story parking garage partially collapsed on June in Houston, Texas.

Preliminary investigation reveals a double-T structural slab may not have been properly welded to the corbel, and one end of the slab eventually gave way, causing it and three concrete floor panels to collapse at one end, falling down to the fourth level below. No one was injured.

The 1st through 4th levels had to be shored up to stabilize the structure before any demolition work could be done. Then ATI crews were on the site to being removing the damaged sections. Early on it was decided to use a remote controlled concrete processor versus impact equipment. Remote controlling the machine kept the operator working at a safe distance. Using a concrete processor to demolish and crush the concrete kept the vibrations at at minimum. The vibrations and shock from using impact equipment (jack hammers, etc.) could possibly cause further failure and damage on the rest of the structure.

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