Underwater Core Drilling

Gulf Coast Region
The Gulf Coast region is tied to the water. It fuels the economy and affects many different areas of commerce. From shipping to oil to fishing, underwater infrastructure keeps things moving. Any construction firm wishing to excel in the region must be uniquely prepared to perform marine work, especially underwater core drilling.

Construction for virtually every single underwater structure in the region — piers, bulkheads, wharfs, docks seawalls — requires some form of underwater drilling. The foundations that support the infrastructure that makes the region tick must be drilled deep into bedrock. That means drilling and coring below the seafloor is a requirement.

Marine projects often require a construction team to respond immediately to help repair damaged or unstable piers and docks. With hundreds of ships moving through the many harbors of the region, accidents occur. When a concrete bulkhead or pier is damaged, call Aggregate Technologies. Our teams of experienced contractors have the ability to deploy around the clock. Every minute counts when marine infrastructure is damaged. ATI is the right choice for prompt response.

The nation’s marine infrastructure will continue growing in the coming years as the United States pushes to handle increased shipping volume and larger ships. Aggregate Technologies has positioned itself as a leader in the marine construction industry. Underwater core drilling is only a limited part of the capabilities our firm brings to the table. Our contractors are experienced on the water. They are comfortable on barges and work safely and efficiently.

Aggregate Technologies continues to pride itself on finding creative solutions to support the marine construction industry. We have developed many custom-built solutions for underwater drilling, and will continue to do so when the need arises. ATI will continue doing what it takes to stand out in the Gulf Coast region.

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