Crawlspace Concrete Removal at Texas Medical Center

Houston, Texas
In the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, facilities managers discovered a water leak in a main pipe beneath a hospital basement. The location of the pipe – encased in a concrete conduit – made access for inspecting and repair difficult. The only access was through a small crawlspace. 

The ATI team was tasked with cutting and removing the concrete slab so that the property managers could access and inspect and repair these pipes if necessary. 

The crawlspace, which was the work area, wasn’t tall enough to stand up in, and all the concrete had to be removed through two feet by two feet access door. 

ATI team marked off a grid with spray-paint, and using wall saws and core drills, cut and removed the concrete in one-foot sections. The small sections were necessary because all the concrete had to be carried and removed by hand through the narrow crawlspace 

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