Concrete Sawing Elevator Shaft

Cypress, Texas
The new building chosen to be the Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital required some retrofitting before final construction could continue. An interior elevator shaft was needed, but the concrete floors had already been poured.

ATI used concrete cutting expertise to create an opening for an elevator shaft in the four story building.

How does one cut a hole in the middle of a slab floor, especially one four stories high? And how do you get the debris down when there is no existing elevator system?

Rather than cut a huge slab out and have it fall below, or using straps to hold and lower the cut section with cranes, the best course of action in this job was to cut the section into manageable pieces then remove. This insured a clean outer perimeter edge with a clean finished product

The debris was removed in a skid pan, basically a large flat bucket, that was raised and lowered with a sky-tract, which is a forklift able to reach high spaces.

Another complex concrete sawing job completed with no incidents.

Related Project: ATI has previous experience in floor removal, and this one was not constrained by height, but by width…

At Rice University in Houston a second floor structural slab needed removal for a new stairwell. The area to be removed measured 11’ x 31’. The work space was confined – with only 8” on one side, 4’ on the other side, and about 6’ at each end. Technicians had to cut the slab into 2′ x 3′ sections (with beam attached) and then individually remove each section using an A-frame once each piece was cut free.

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