Angled Core Drilling

Angled Coring Technology

Precise, circular cuts are frequently needed to create openings in walls and slabs for plumbing, electrical and fiber-optic cables, and HVAC equipment.

Angled Core Drilling Experts

In an ideal world, every concrete coring location would be perfectly flat with plenty of open space. Construction sites do not exist in an ideal world, and angled coring must be performed quite frequently. Angled coring is typically required when working on vertical walls or near corners. Coring is also done at a downward angle when creating the tie-in points for tension-anchorage cables. Angled coring is often performed for small-diameter holes, requiring extreme precision. There is no margin for error when working in tight, confined quarters.

Angled coring can be completed by a group of contractors working individually with small-diameter drills or a large team of floating drillers on barges working to complete a marine job. Coring at an angle requires ATI’s workers to put themselves up close and personal with their equipment, but our company has a sterling, award-winning safety record. Angled coring can be performed safely and quickly by our experienced team.

When a client needed immediate help to stabilize a rapidly shifting dock wall, they called Aggregate Technologies. This was no easy task. ATI was on-site within 24 hours, deploying up to three teams of drillers on barges to drill 12-foot-long by 9-inch-wide holes at a downward angle of 20 degrees. Our rapid response allowed the dock wall to be stabilized without any further damage.

Another challenging job required Aggregate Technologies to drill at a 45-degree angle through a 42-inch wall to aid in the installation of revolutionary cancer-treatment equipment at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston. There is no limit to the capabilities of ATI.

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