FAQ: Do you do soft demolition?

May 3, 2014

Occasionally we are asked if we do soft demolition, which can be contrasted with structural demolition. Soft demolition comes before structural demolition, and it involves removing all material inside and outside a structure that is not structural in nature. For example, removing ceiling tiles, floor coverings, drywall, any electrical or mechanical demolition, glass, lights, bathroom fixtures etc., would all be considered soft demolition.
Structural demolition, on the other hand, would be removing the concrete floor, concrete beams, and load bearing walls.

Aggregate Technologies does not perform soft demolition. Our specialty is structural demolition, especially in challenging environments (hospitals, schools, underground, high-rise buildings). We utilize several methods for this type of demolition, including slab sawing, wire sawing, core drilling, wall sawing and robotic breaking & removal. While we could expand into soft demolition, ATI chooses to remain the experts in selective structural concrete demolition.

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