Industries We Serve: Concrete Cutting Solutions for Various Sectors

January 12, 2024

For many businesses, concrete cutting is essential. It allows them to cut openings for doors and windows, run utilities, create openings for HVAC ductwork, or remove damaged concrete. Without the tools and workforce needed for cutting, the utility of concrete would be limited.

Concrete cutting isn’t solely for manufacturing or heavy industry. There’s no one sector that can benefit from concrete cutting services. Any business that has concrete structures can benefit from precision cutting.

At Aggregate Technologies, we have experience working in a variety of sectors, each of which often requires complex and difficult concrete cutting and removal. No matter the size of the workspace, the security requirements, or the industry, we can help. 

Here are a few examples of how our concrete cutting services have aided various sectors.


For work in refineries, the oil industry, or other industrial settings, hydro demolition is often used for concrete removal. 

Hydrodemolition is a method of demolition that uses highly pressured streams of water to remove deteriorated concrete. This process can remove layers of concrete, and if needed, expose the rebar underneath the surface. HydroDemolition does not cause vibration or impact the way other machines, such as a jackhammer, would. Air and noise pollution is also reduced. The water used during the demolition can be captured and treated, preventing runoff contamination. 

In the event more precise concrete removal is required, we are capable of concrete cutting, concrete wall cutting, core drilling, and other techniques. These concrete cutting methods allow for clean, precise cuts while preserving the surrounding concrete. Our variety of concrete cutting techniques allows us to service a variety of industries.


ATI was trusted to complete a slab removal job at Rice University in Houston. The project called for the removal of a second-floor structural slab. 

The area to be removed measured 11′ x 31′. However, the area was confined, and we were given a workspace of only 8″ by 4′ by 6′. While this would pose a challenge for many concrete cutting companies, our technicians were able to find a solution. We cut the slab into sections, with each section measuring 2′ x 3′. Each section was then individually removed, along with the attached beam. 

While the small workspace was one challenge, an additional challenge presented itself in the area below the workspace. Below the workspace was a smooth finish floor with no tile or carpet. This meant that no debris could be dropped, otherwise, the damage could occur to the floor.

To ensure the safety of our technicians, we used a remote controlled wall saw. This allowed our team to create precise cuts without risking a fall hazard.   

We were able to safely and successfully remove the second-floor structural slab. As a result, Rice University now had the space to install a new stairwell. 

This project was completed successfully in only 7 days, allowing classes to quickly resume.


Our work at the Houston Intercontinental Airport had special requirements. Due to the sensitive nature of the site, security was paramount. All workers had to undergo fingerprinting and background checks. 

This project required existing runway lighting to be replaced, which would require the cutting and removal of concrete. A trench measuring 1,500 feet x 66 inches was sawed to a depth of 20 inches and then removed. In total, approximately 15,000 feet of heavily reinforced concrete had to be removed from the runway. At the same time, the existing surface needed to remain intact. No flaking or chipping was permitted. 

To preserve the surface, our techs made an additional interior cut, 1 foot inside the area that was to be removed. This was to protect the good edge as the interior was cut and removed. Any concrete spalling (cracked concrete that has delaminated from the substrate) would occur within this 1-foot section, instead of affecting the tarmac. Once these panels were cut, they were removed via a lift-out machine. 

Despite a tight deadline, the runway was successfully removed on time. We completed the project ahead of schedule in only 15 days, which was 5 days ahead of the deadline. During this time, we maintained our perfect safety record. 

Removing the runway at the Houston Intercontinental Airport was a large infrastructure project that required a company that was capable of precise concrete cutting services, could complete large projects on time, and understood the importance of safety and security. For those reasons, Aggregate Technologies was the only sensible choice.


Our concrete cutting services have also benefitted the shipping industry. We work above ground, in confined spaces, outdoors, and even underwater. If an area is inaccessible, or if it would be unsafe for a technician to do the work themselves, we deploy robot technology for remote cutting and demolition. This allows us to work on difficult structures such as piers, wharves, and ports. 

Along with our concrete cutting, sometimes demolition is required. For the demolition of deep foundation substructures, we use our patented pile cutting machine. Our patented pile cutting technology allows us to cut and remove up to 200 piles in one day, using only one machine and one operator. On a project such as our Motiva contract in Port Arthur, Texas, we cut and removed 10,000 precast concrete piles. 

Typically, it would require multiple crews operating multiple pile cutting machines to get a single pile cutting job done. However, our pile cutting machine allows difficult projects to be completed very quickly. 

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When you need an industry leader with years of experience and a track record of safety, contact Aggregate Technologies. 

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