FAQ: Do you provide layout?

June 11, 2014

Per company policy, Aggregate Technologies does not provide layouts. This responsibility is best preformed by the general contractor or sub-contractor who will have a better understanding on what precise location they need.

To eliminate standby time on our end, is beneficial for you the customer to have everything laid out prior to our arrival. It is also very important to have your lines marked out as clearly as possible. Using a clear coat spray to seal them in after laying them out can prevent any distortion. Please keep in mind that the better the layout, the straighter the lines will be after they are cut. This is important especially if the cut lines are visible after construction is complete.

Normally the best thing to use is a good industrial string line and then seal coat over it to secure it. Another good practice to have prior to be arrival is to move any obstruction that may be over the cut lines or in the work area.

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