5 Benefits of Aggregate Technologies’ Lunch and Learn Events

March 11, 2024

Knowledge is power, and knowledge is safety, and everyone always has something to learn, even when you think you’ve learned it all. This is especially true for the construction industry, which is rapidly changing and evolving at an alarming rate. This construction industry is also getting greener, as the industry is a massive consumer of raw materials and natural resources. Because of this, it generates an estimated 39% of the world’s carbon emissions as per the World Green Building Council. This ever-changing landscape means that there’s plenty to keep up with and plenty to learn. Staying up to date with knowledge, especially when it comes to HydroDemolition, isn’t always so easy. This is where Aggregate Technologies’ Lunch and Learn events shine. Our events help teach everything your team needs to know about HydroDemolition and then some. There are many benefits associated with our Lunch and Learn events, such as:

Receive a Professional Development Certificate 

While our Lunch and Learn events are excellent for learning, they’re also useful for getting the professional development (PD) hours in, hence the term PDH. Aggregate Technologies understands that getting these hours isn’t always easy and that finding programs that offer them can be costly and time-consuming. As an additional benefit, Aggregate Technologies is happy to issue 1 hour PDH certificates to anyone who attends one of our Lunch and Learn events, whether digitally or in person. This means that you’ll be gaining knowledge and the certifications that you need the most, all at the same time. 


Learn About HydroDemolition 

HydroDemolition is one of the most advanced forms of concrete cutting and demolition. By choosing HydroDemolition, you’re choosing a technique that is more environmentally friendly, efficient, precise, and also lasts longer than your traditional demolition methods. HydroDemolition results can last up to three times as long as standard demolition practices, making it the smarter choice for certain types of concrete and other substance removal. 

Our Lunch and Learn events will teach you and your crew everything you’d want or need to know about HydroDemolition and our HydroDemolition services. Learn about how HydroDemoliton allows your rebar to stay intact, and how it also creates a more efficient bonding surface for the next step or future endeavors. HydroDemolition also produces virtually no silica dust, meaning that it’s the safest option for the environment.  At our Lunch and Learn events, you’ll learn about this and much more.

HydroDemolition environmentally friendly

Learn About New Services

Staying up to date on new concrete removal services is important, and our Lunch and Learn events do a great job of teaching others about the many services we offer and how they fit into a changing landscape of demolition and construction. Our classes can teach you about some of the new amazing technologies available on the market and offered by Aggregate Technologies. This allows you and your team to know about our services, products, techniques, and equipment. Not only will you and your team be earning a professional development hour, but we will briefly touch on all our concrete cutting and removal services. Sometimes, these same services are included in our HydroDemolition services, so it’s always a good idea to know what’s available for projects. 

Concrete removal services

Retain Information Easily 

Retaining information that you learn is sometimes a struggle, especially when it comes to products, services, and machinery. Memorization is key, and your memory can struggle when you’re hungry. When you attend an in-person Lunch and Learn held by Aggregate Technologies, you’ll also be fed a delicious lunch as a compliment. Of course, we are unable to provide lunches for those who choose to do digital lunch and learn classes, and we recommend that you take your lunch to wherever you’ll be logging on. Aggregate Technologies provides information in an easy-to-understand manner, allowing anyone to retain this information easily, whether lunch is provided or not.                                                                                     

Meet Others Like You

One of the best parts about our Lunch and Learn events is that you’ll have the chance to meet others like you. Our team is highly trained and is always ready to discuss and network with others who work within the industry. Not only will you learn about our services, new techniques, new technologies, and much more, but you’ll also have a chance to meet others who you can talk with, learn with, and even network with. 

HydroDemolition techniques

The Bottom Line

When you sign up for one of these events, you’ll reap numerous benefits. Some aspects of these events include:

Accommodations for small or large groups. (2 people to 200+)

Online & in-person available (Teams, Zoom, etc.)

Usually 1 hour in length (more time may be allotted upon request)

To make the best use of your time, all of our Lunch & Learn programs can be customized to meet each company’s specific interests, which can address your most prominent concerns and can be tailored to your specific audience.   

Engineers will receive 1 Professional Development Hour certificate.

These events help other professionals, engineers, and even industry beginners gain the education they want and need regarding HydroDemolition, new technologies, our services, and our commitment to safety and advancement in demolition. The fact these events offer so much makes them a powerhouse of education and opportunity for any contractor, professional, and the like. 

Lunch and Learn events are unique, and Aggregate Technologies does all we can to make them enjoyable, educational, and valuable to any team. From learning more about HydroDemolition to learning about our services and new technologies to meeting new industry professionals,  there’s a lot to gain with Aggregate Technologies’ Lunch and Learn classes. Unlock new opportunities with a Lunch and Learn event for your team, company, corporation, or union. 

There are many ways that our Lunch and Learn events can help your company, contact us today to learn more about our events and how they can serve you and your team. 



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