Underwater Pile Cutting

Precision Underwater Pile Cutting

It’s a fact of life – what goes up must come down, and that includes structural concrete.

Underwater Pile Removal Experts

Underwater pile cutting can be extremely difficult to perform. Very frequently, especially in the Gulf Coast region, pile-supported structures are the most effective solution for building ports, piers, and shipping terminals. When dealing with these marine environments and structures, it is important to have an experienced firm handling the cutting and installation of piles. Marine environments require specialized expertise, and Aggregate Technologies is one of the leaders in performing marine industrial construction in the Gulf Coast region.

ATI has worked tirelessly to emerge as a national leader in the concrete services industry, including piles. Our expertise carries to any environment. Aggregate Technologies is versatile when it comes to placing and cutting piles. The technical skills that make our firm a leader on land translate to the water.

Precision Underwater Pile Cutting

bridge deck resurfacing
Hyrdodemolition of Bridge Pier
Precision Concrete Removal
Structural Concrete Modification Without Damage to Rebar
    Any delay or mistake when working in a marine setting can be costly, and potentially dangerous. No project can afford a delay when working with barges and cranes in a deep water environment. Underwater work requires an experienced team who knows how to work in a challenging underwater environment. ATI has the experience, and can handle any complicated underwater pile job. Aggregate Technologies has worked with numerous marine clients to perform complicated underwater pile cutting work. Drawing on that past experience, our teams of marine workers can successfully complete virtually any underwater pile work in a safe, timely, and most importantly, cost-effective manner.