Pile Crushing

Precision Pile Crushing

It’s a fact of life – what goes up must come down, and that includes structural concrete.

Pile Crushing Experts

Pile crushing is an entirely different beast than pile cutting. This technique is used when piles that have already been driven or poured need to be modified. The process breaks down the concrete exterior of the pile without harming the reinforcement. This is an effective way to access the rebar when the steel cage of the pile must be tied into the cap of the foundation. Piles are not poured or driven flush with the top of the foundation, and are often cut down to the proper length. When the steel reinforcing bars must be accessed to build the remainder of the foundation, pile crushing is needed.

Pile crushing must be done carefully, so as not to damage or destroy the rebar. After the crushing has been performed, the vertical bars in the pile can be tied into the horizontal bars of the foundation with ease. This process was at one point very difficult and dangerous, but Aggregate Technologies has it down to a science. Through tireless work and numerous successfully-completed projects, ATI is a pile crushing leader.

Advanced Pile Crushing Technology

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Hyrdodemolition of Bridge Pier
Precision Concrete Removal
Structural Concrete Modification Without Damage to Rebar

    In the past, piles were crushed and chipped away by workers using hand tools – not the most efficient and safe way to accomplish the task. Today, ATI uses state-of-the-art pile crushing attachments that can be operated by a single technician. The result of our work is a pile cut safely, down to the right length with the rebar, fully intact and structurally sound.

    One man, one machine, cut and crushed. On to the next pile.

    We can transport our pile crushing machine and team to your location in Texas, Oklahoma, the Gulf Coast, or virtually any geographical area in the United States. Contact us for a quote.