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Concrete drilling supports all construction.

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Pier solutions are our specialty.

It is nearly impossible to build a pier without some form of drilling. Deep foundations utilizing piles or caissons are a necessity to support large structures above water. These are no run of the mill jobs, and working with an experienced team, with years of experience on the water is the only way to ensure the success of your pier project.

As a construction services firm located in the Gulf Coast region, piers and marine structures are a vital source of business for Aggregate Technologies. Without the network of piers, wharfs, and harbors, the economy in this region of the United States would grind to a halt. ATI realizes the important role that responsive, experienced construction teams play in keeping this vital infrastructure up and running smoothly.

Pier Drilling for Construction

ATI will go to great lengths to develop a solution for your pier construction project. If that means we have to engineer a custom drill bit, so be it. When the US Army Corps called on us to provide services for a large levee project in New Orleans, our dedicated staff went to work. The Corps needed over 25,000 holes cored through rock — no small task. ATI developed a two-pronged, custom tool mounted on a hydraulic frame to speed the process up without sacrificing precision and efficiency. ATI promises to bring this same creativity and outside-the-box thinking to every project.