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Advanced Concrete Removal

It’s a fact of life – what goes up must come down, and that includes structural concrete.

Concrete Removal Experts

Concrete removal covers a wide swath of project and demolition needs, but Aggregate Technologies has the answer, no matter how complex the job. Removing concrete may require a traditional assemblage of saws and lifting equipment. It may require hammers and other equipment. Perhaps a custom-built crane may be required to remove large sections of concrete from a high-rise building. ATI can accomplish all of this, and more.

Safe & Efficient Infrastructure Removal

bridge deck resurfacing
Hyrdodemolition of Bridge Pier
Precision Concrete Removal
Structural Concrete Modification Without Damage to Rebar

    Removing concrete can sometimes be a very challenging endeavor. You need the most-experienced team on your side, and Aggregate Technologies is that team. There can often be a great deal of uncertainty when removing concrete, due in part to the unseen reinforcement present below the surface. Special attention must also be paid to the overall stability of the remaining structure during the removal activities. Creating support systems and bracing during removal may be required, but Aggregate Technologies has the engineering experience and is up to the task. ATI also supports its concrete removal projects with GPR capabilities that only serve to keep the project on task and ahead of schedule, while reducing the overall level of uncertainty.

    There is no concrete removal job too big or too small, too complex or too challenging. Aggregate Technologies will work tirelessly to complete the work and take all the right steps to ensure your project is an overwhelming success.