Chemical Demolition

Precision Chemical Demolition

Aggregate Technologies is the right choice for difficult demolition jobs below the surface of the water.

Chemical Demolition Experts

Aggregate Technologies maintains a commitment to developing an understanding and level of expertise with every emerging engineering solution. When it comes to concrete demolition, the use of expansive chemical demolition agents is one of the more exciting and progressive methods for advancing structural and concrete demolition. Aggregate Technologies has embraced the use of non-explosive chemical demolition, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Non-explosive chemical demolition agents have a number of potential benefits to the client. This cutting-edge approach is made possible by a chemical powder that releases an impressive 18,000 PSI of expansive strength when mixed with water. The agent is poured into drilled holes and begins to work silently, fracturing concrete and stone into manageable sizes and shapes. This approach allows a large structure or concrete section to be broken into smaller pieces without the excessive amount of noise, dust, and vibration associated with traditional concrete demolition and blasting techniques.

The chemical agents used by ATI to accomplish demolition without the use of explosives work safely and quickly, and can be more cost effective than traditional blasting. There is no lengthy permitting process required, as opposed to blasting. The remainder of the structure is safe from vibration, and certain areas of valuable stone can be preserved. Overall, the use of chemical agents to accomplish demolition reduces the cost of labor, equipment, and insurance in a safe and equally effective manner when compared to traditional explosives.

Chemical Demolition Technology

bridge deck resurfacing
Hyrdodemolition of Bridge Pier
Precision Concrete Removal
Structural Concrete Modification Without Damage to Rebar

    ATI has used non-explosive expansive demolition powder for numerous successful projects, including the removal of a semicircular section of bridge pier measuring 30-feet by 15-feet at a depth of 30 inches, and a 30-foot by 30-foot slab of roadbed at a tunnel entrance were vibrations in the structure were not acceptable.

    Along with ATI’s other conventional methods of concrete fracturing and cutting, expansive demolition powder is yet another reason Aggregate Technologies is a leader in the concrete cutting industry with the expertise and tools for even the most difficult demolition projects