What to Expect With Your HydroDemolition Contractor

March 18, 2024

HydroDemolition is a dynamic solution for many of our modern demolition, concrete cutting, and construction projects. Throughout the last twenty years, HydroDemolition has earned its reputation as being efficient, precise, safe, and better for the environment. Aggregate Technologies has over 25 years of industry experience, with over 100 years of combined industry knowledge. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading companies offering safe, effective, and precise HydroDemolition services. While we’d love to be the only company you call, we realize that we can’t be everywhere, so knowing what to expect from your HydroDemolition contractor is important. When someone hires Aggregate Technologies, we follow a direct line of communication and protocol from start to finish, ensuring the best project experience possible. Here’s what you should also expect from your HydroDemolition contractor, whether that be us or someone else: 

Open Communication 

Perhaps the first and most important step in hiring a HydroDemolition contractor is developing an open line of communication. Without proper communication, your contractor can’t properly do their job. When someone reaches out to Aggregate Technologies, we take the time to schedule an initial call. During this call, we’ll learn more about you and your project(s), and we’ll discuss what we can do, what we can’t do, and what you can expect from us along the way. Once you seem interested in our services, we’ll also start the process of quoting you for our services. You may request a quote sooner, but keep in mind that quotes are subject to change due to project specifics. 

Aggregate Technologies believes that being upfront and transparent with our clients is crucial to the success of their projects. We want every client to understand what to expect from our services, and we also want to fully understand your needs, wants, and requirements. From the moment you sign a contract with us, we become available to you during the length of our contract, even if we’re not currently on your site. We try to be as communicative as possible, so that way everyone can stay on the same page and knows what to expect. 

Aggregate Technologies is transparent with our clients

Safety is Priority 

At Aggregate Technologies, we take your safety seriously. We take it so seriously, that we have won STEP awards multiple times. The STEP program (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) recognizes contractors for safety performance and training methods. The platinum level recognizes ongoing exemplary efforts and is awarded only to contractors who received gold or platinum level awards the previous year and who meet the highest level of criteria for the current year. 

When hiring a HydroDemolition contractor, you should always expect them to manage the safety of your job site with the highest level of care. When safety isn’t taken seriously, accidents occur, and OSHA violations are written. OSHA fines aren’t cheap, the average OSHA inspection will result in $30,000 – $80,000 in fines, but often exceeds $100,000 or more in many cases. Aggregate Technologies has had NO OSHA violations or even incidents in many years. 

What are some ways that Aggregate Technologies helps to ensure your security?


And more

Aggregate Technologies realizes that a successful project goes off safely, without any incidents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 150,000 construction site accident injuries each year, and Aggregate Technologies aims to have zero of them come from us. 

Your HydroDemolition contractor should take your safety as important as their own, at all times. Aggregate Technologies does just that. 

State Of The Art Equipment

As with many fields, your work is only as good as the tools you use. While Picasso can paint a masterpiece with a Q-tip, certain fields may require better machinery to produce better results, and HydroDemolition is one of those. If you use machinery that is half-broken, outdated, or damaged, you’re going to see that in the work, whether it be in mishaps or in time delays. With Aggregate Technologies, you can always expect us to use the finest equipment available, ensuring the best results possible for your HydroDemolition projects. 


Our HydroDemolition process involves the most sophisticated robotic system available and can be programmed to perform its duties by a single operator. Our equipment allows our crew to stand well clear of the demolition that is being performed, increasing safety on all levels. It utilizes a computer-guided water jet on a track-mounted machine that is guided over the surface to be removed. The precision cutting head can then be programmed to cut a specific shape with no overruns or relief cuts. The many shapes include circles, rectangles, and more sophisticated shapes.  Concrete decks and flooring are removed with the cutting head on the ground, but our machine can also articulate along a vertical wall surface with overhead areas up to 23 feet without support.

Aggregate Technologies has brought HydroDemolition and our robotic technology to many diverse structure types and applications. The process works particularly well on bridge decks and can speed up the process of removing a top layer of concrete or other overlay material to create a suitable surface for a repaired wearing course. HydroDemolition is perfect for the scarification of concrete and tunnel renovations, among other applications. 

Further, our equipment can work in odd, small, or even hazardous conditions and spaces. This means that we’re able to efficiently complete work in places where standard demolition equipment would never fit or safely operate. All HydroDemolition contractors should be investing in their equipment, as it is an investment in their reputation and the reputation of their clients. 

Full-Service Capabilities 

Not only should one expect the finest HydroDemolition services from your HydroDemolition contractor, but you should also expect that your contractor is skilled in other demolition or construction practices. For instance, Aggregate Technologies is skilled in a wide variety of services, including pile cutting, core drilling, and more. We’re experienced, and train each worker to handle nearly any situation that may arise. 

Why is this important if you’re just getting HydroDemolition services? We find having the ability to offer more serves as an insurance policy. Should something go wrong, we can employ another solution to fix it, even if that solution isn’t HydroDemolition. Offering full-service concrete removal also allows us to use the best techniques. By offering a comprehensive suite of Hydro Demolition and concrete removal services, we’re educated and skilled enough to handle nearly any situation or project. Versatility and agility are important, and Aggregate Technologies strives to cover any base we may have to run. 


Long Lasting Results 

One of the cardinal features of HydroDemolition is that the results last longer than standard demolition processes, especially when it comes to repairing our nation’s failing infrastructure. The infrastructure in the U.S. is so poor that according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the nation’s infrastructure in general gets a grade of C-minus on its quadrennial infrastructure report card. While this is a minor improvement on previous years, it’s still a harrowing report that would be improved with the use of smarter demolition and construction techniques, such as HydroDemolition. 

Your HydroDemolition contractor should be able to show a record of completed jobs, including photo and video proof of the process taking place. They should have testimonials from pleased clients, and a verifiable track record of their completed work. HydroDemolition lasts three times longer than standard demolition practices, but only if the contractor knows what they are doing. Poor workmanship is still poor, even if you’re using one of the most effective demolition methods on the planet. Aggregate Technologies takes pride in their work, past, present, and future. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, with plenty of proof to show for it. We do HydroDemolition the correct way, so that results are stable and long-lasting, as they should be. 

More to Consider 

When hiring a HydroDemolition contractor, there’s plenty to look out for, from communication to safety, and more. While we’ve covered plenty here already, here are a few other things you should always consider before hiring a HydroDemolition contractor:

  • Years of experience
  • Their commitment to using eco-friendly materials
  • The HydroDemolition techniques they favor
  • Is their team drug-free?
  • What is their accident rate?
  • How large is their company?
  • Where do they serve?
  • Estimated completion dates
  • What insurance do they carry?
  • What is their water treatment policy?

And more

Knowing your contractor well is important, especially when starting a new working relationship. By thoroughly understanding who you’ll be working with, you’ll break down any misunderstandings early on, meaning you’re less likely to experience delays later on. Aggregate Technologies is as transparent as possible and is always happy to answer any question that you may have. 

When hiring a HydroDemolition contractor, you should always properly vet them. You should make sure that they have the appropriate equipment and the right amount of experience for the job. Pay special attention to a contractor’s safety rating, and always make sure that their testimonials offer a fair view of their performance. Aggregate Technologies takes pride in its reputation, and we do everything we can to ensure that every client is pleased with the results they receive. 

To learn more about HydroDemolition, and to learn more about what you can expect when working with us, contact us today. 

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