What Makes HydroDemolition Unique

March 20, 2024

I’m sure you’ve heard about HydroDemolition by now, as it’s a hot topic in your field.  HydroDemolition is the use of water to remove concrete or other materials. The process uses HydroDemolition robots and has been around since the late 1970s. However, HydroDemolition has only really gained popularity in the last 20-30 years. At its core, the process is already unique, as it uses the powerful force of water to help strip away concrete in a way that is both effective and harmless to the surrounding structure. There’s a lot more to HydroDemolition than what is originally assumed, but what makes HydroDemolition unique? 


It Preserves Rebar 

One of the most unique aspects of HydroDemolition is that it preserves the rebar within a concrete structure. Your rebar is one of the most important aspects of a built structure, as it helps to stabilize the structure. Traditionally, demolition methods like the use of a jackhammer would damage the rebar, damaging it, while also causing microfractures in the surrounding concrete. This meant that the concrete would have to be repaired, as well as the rebar. Once a rebar is repaired, it’s never quite the same. Repairs made using traditional demolition methods tend to last fewer years than those repairs using HydroDemolition

Twenty-Five Times Faster 

You read that right! HydroDemolition is twenty-five times faster than the traditional 15-30 pound chipping hammer! HydroDemolition can remove concrete in much less time than standard methods. This saves the client time and money and also helps prevent delays when working on important transportation structures like bridges and main highways.  Not only is the process faster, but it also uses less materials, and produces less debris, so cleanup is somewhat faster as well. 

This time-saving factor is also great in emergency situations where project speed is a priority.  These time-saving benefits are a huge “selling point” to those in refineries or other areas that are very expensive to shut down for any period of time.  Also, if there is an early completion bonus, it’s hard to compete with this option!  

Better Environmentally

The construction industry is one of the leaders in pollution-causing fields. Construction causes much of the world’s hydrocarbon releases, due to various reasons. One common reason for this is due to the concrete mixes used, which tend to produce a high amount of carbon. However, another reason is the pollution released during demolition. HydroDemolition helps to combat this by providing a low-impact solution to demolition. This means that virtually no silica dust is released into the air during demolition. This is not only safer for your crew but also for the environment. 

The best way to reduce embodied carbon is to reuse existing structures.  Since repairs made with HydroDemolition last up to three times longer than those made with mechanical means, this is a huge win for Planet Earth!

Aggregate Technologies

But that’s not all! HydroDemoliton with Aggregate Technologies also saves water compared to the other providers, as up to half of the water used can be recycled. Aggregate Technologies uses a closed-loop treatment process, meaning that we can treat up to 5,000 gallons of water in just about an hour. This is around half of a standard American swimming pool. Because of the closed-loop system, we can treat this water on-site, saving our clients even more money. We use a lot of water, but we recycle it ourselves. 

Selective and Precise

With other demolition methods, such as a jackhammer, you can choose one setting. The depth of breakage and removal depends on the physical exertion of the operator. With HydroDemolition, you can be more precise because we can robotically compute the PSI we want to use. This allows you to selectively remove small portions of concrete, or remove large sections of concrete, efficiently and without a lot of dangerous debris or loud, hazardous machinery. 

HydroDemolition equipment

Fits Where You Need It

HydroDemolition works by using robotic demolition components. This means that the cutting portion of the robot extends to where you need to cut concrete, while the operator(s) hang back with the remote, operating the equipment from afar. Because of this, HydroDemolition robots are capable of fitting into some tricky, small, and unique places. The equipment that Aggregate Technologies utilizes can fit into small spaces, as well as traverse a wall vertically up to 23 feet without extra support! Not only that, but our machinery is efficient underwater, and in other unique and otherwise hard-to-fit spaces. This means that HydroDemolition is more efficient and more convenient, fitting where you need it the most, without the extra logistics required to get it there. 

The HydroDemolition Solution 

HydroDemoliton and HydroDemolition equipment are more unique than you’d believe. From preserving rebar despite using 40,000 PSI, to the ability to reduce pollution, to being more efficient and precise, and more. The benefits of HydroDemolition are innumerable, with other unique aspects including:

There are plenty of reasons as to why HydroDemolition would be considered unique. It is the only demolition technology that can get the job done efficiently, without damaging the rebar, while also prepping the surface for optimal bonding. It’s the only technology that reduces silica dust while also being safer for your crew and the job site. It’s unique because it harnesses some of the best technologies and applies them to modern problems. It’s unique because it’s innovative, it’s effective, and yet most are still wasting their time using heavy, dangerous, laborious chipping hammers.  HydroDemolition isn’t only unique, it’s the way of the future.

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