Safety Matters: HydroDemolition and Safety on Site

December 20, 2023

Demolition is a necessary process for many projects in the construction and renovation sector. For as long as we’ve been building structures, we’ve also been removing them. We’ve come a long way since using donkeys and horse-drawn carts to help us remove and repair the structures around us.  Jack hammers and chipping hammers are typically used now, but this is slowly being replaced by more efficient means, such as HydroDemolition. What is HydroDemolition? How safe is it? What can you use it for? 

What Is HydroDemolition? 

HydroDemolition is the robotic method of using high-pressure streams of water to blast away unwanted concrete, asphalt, and other materials. This process is also otherwise known as hydraulic grinding, hydroblasting, or even hydro-jetting. With this method, a jet of high-pressure water is used to remove layers of concrete or other surface materials, exposing the rebar below the surface, while providing an outstanding bonding surface for fresh concrete.   

Benefits of HydroDemolition  

HydroDemolition is an advanced method of demolition that is low-impact and offers high precision. Because of its advanced nature, there are many benefits to it, especially when compared to a jack hammer or a wrecking ball, which are risky, loud, and dusty.  

There are many benefits when using concrete HydroDemolition, such as: 

  • The reduction of silica dust and noise pollution. It is environmentally friendly.  We can recycle up to 70% of the collected water involved with the demolition. You’ll also cut down on toxins released into the environment, since this method practically eliminates it. 
  • Better able to fill out small cracks after the demolition, thanks to the high-quality surface left for bonding.  
  • Rebars remain undamaged even after the demolition of RCC (reinforced cement concrete) buildings. What are RCC buildings?  
  • The bonding surface is 50% stronger, and repairs last up to three times longer!  
  • Suitable for small areas, industrial settings (even petrochemical or underwater) and carries much less of a safety risk.  

This style of concrete removal allows for the efficient and safe removal of materials and structures, without a lot of the risk of traditional methods, such as the sound, or environmental drain. Better yet, it’s suitable for most industries, as well as high-risk industries and zones. 

The Safety of HydroDemolition  

When working on a concrete HydroDemolition job, Aggregate Technologies makes sure that we use the finest safety measures. Did you know that this method of demolition is naturally much safer and more environmentally friendly than other methods of demolition?  Due to the nature of HydroDemolition, it’s much safer than standard methods, right down to the technology used!  

Environment First  

This method of demolition is much more environmentally friendly, if only because the high-pressure jets used in the process do not produce harmful dust or debris, allowing the workers and the community they serve to breathe easily. Not only that, but this style of demolition allows for the water used to be collected, and then used again, cutting down on the drain of water waste. This is especially important in high-drought areas, or areas where potable water is difficult to attain. 

Greater Precision 

By using HydroDemolition, crews are much less likely to have an accident occur thanks to the robotic equipment that is used.  Our operators can be up to 40 feet away from the source of impact!  Because of the lack of vibrations, the process of HydroDemolition is also much less likely to damage surrounding structures.  The lack of vibrations means that the surrounding substrate is also more protected.  

With greater precision comes great success, and greater safety. If precision is higher, the chance of something going wrong is reduced, or harming the surrounding environment, causing a domino effect of disaster.  

The HydroDemolition technology used by Aggregate Technologies is like no-other. Our robotic system is the best on the market, allowing just two operators to maintain the system at a time.  The cutting head can be programmed to cut a specific shape with less overruns or relief cuts, such as a manhole or for ductwork. Even concrete decks and flooring are removed with the cutting head on the ground, with the machine having the ability to articulate along a vertical wall surface, as well as overhead areas up to 23 feet without support! That’s a lot of increased precision, and a lot of reduced risk!  


Safety doesn’t just rely on the tools used, or the people using them, it also relies on the efficiency of everything involved. This style of demolition is much more efficient than traditional methods of demolition. Our state-of-the-art equipment can quickly remove large areas of concrete, reducing the cost, the time, and the risk involved, even with large products or high-hazard zones.  

In fact, our equipment is the most sophisticated robotic system on the market and can be programmed to perform its duties by a single operator! Our system utilizes a computer-guided water jet on a track mounted machine that is then guided over the surface to be removed. This process works particularly well on bridge decks and can speed up the process of removing the top layer of concrete or other overlay material, creating a suitable surface for repair. 

Extra Safety Measures 

While this form of demolition is already one of the safest available, Aggregate Technologies believes in taking safety to the next level. We are grateful to have achieved many honors and won many awards in our industry.   

Aggregate Technologies has won: 

-ABC STEP Diamond Award 2012-2017, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 

-ABC STEP Awards 2009-2011, 2018, 2019 

The STEP program (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) recognizes contractors for safety performance and training methods. Those who receive platinum level are recognized for their ongoing exemplary efforts and are awarded only to contractors who received gold or platinum level awards the previous year and who also meet the highest level of criteria for the current year.  

We’ve had 0 fatalities, 0 lost workday case injuries, 0 injuries and illnesses involving medical treatment, and our OSHA recordable injury and illness rate has remained at 0 for many years! 

We take the safety of the crew and the community we serve seriously. We also help write programs to keep other communities safe as well. We’ve written a variety of safety programs to help change the safety of workplaces and job sites everywhere. To read more about our commitment to safety and community, please visit our safety page

Our HydroDemolition equipment and processes are exemplary in safety, from start to finish. We combine the already advanced method of HydroDemolition with state-of-the-art equipment to create an exceptionally safe and advanced form of demolition that is suitable for most industries and spaces.  We have over 25 years of industry experience, and safety is our top priority.  

We have served many different industries from civil engineering, hospitals, and medical facilities, offshore and underwater, to petrochemical and heavy industrial. We boast a clear, concise, and trustworthy legacy of safety, quality, and innovation.  

Are you looking to learn more about how HydroDemolition may work for you? Contact us today to hear more about how we can get your job done safely.  

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