Safety First: 5 Ways Aggregate Technologies Cares About Safety

January 19, 2024

Demolition has the potential to be highly dangerous, especially when handling a lot of large equipment, and when in spaces that foster greater risks, such as petrochemical sites. When you hire Aggregate Technologies, you’re hiring a specialty subcontractor with over 25 years of industry experience, this means we’ve had a long time to get it right. We take your safety seriously, developing a special plan and system that ensures the safety and efficiency of your project, your site, and our team. But how do we do this? How do we show you that we care about your safety?

Proper Preparation

OSHA recommends combatting demolition hazards by making sure that everyone on the worksite is fully aware of any hazards that they may encounter. The safety benefits of preparation and precaution are invaluable. This is why Aggregate Technologies makes sure that we’re properly prepared to work on-site. This means that we:

  • Carefully maintain and inspect all our equipment before, during, and after the job.
  • Inspect the job site, especially in high-hazard jobs.
  • Carefully instruct our team, and your team, on what they can expect and what they should do.
  • Vigorously train our team, with multiple training sessions and hours required.
  • Maintain a set of checks and balances throughout the job to ensure safety and success.
  • Have weekly, mandatory, safety meetings for all of our operators.

Further, OSHA’s demolition standard states that before demolition operations can begin, a competent person must conduct an engineering survey that determines the condition of the job site. Adjacent structures are also checked, with employers being responsible for having written evidence that the survey has been performed. Further, if applicable, utilities must be shut off, capped, or controlled with the utility company notified. In some cases, certain lines may need to be temporarily relocated, meaning GPR may be advisable.A great job starts with the proper preparation. You can’t create something amazing without first preparing yourself. From great art to great food, and even great demolition, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared. Aggregate Technologies prides itself on always being prepared to handle nearly any job.

The Best Demolition Equipment

Demolition safety starts with the right demolition equipment. Aggregate Technologies utilizes a lot of fine equipment, from the Brokk series for HydroDemolition, to the finest diamond saws for lour patened pile cutting machinery. We have equipment that is the by-product of years of innovation, and we’re always sure to treat it nicely, maintaining and respecting it frequently.  We don’t cut corners on equipment, which means we always have the capability to produce the finest results.

Your equipment is important, from the best machinery to PPE, it’s important to come well-prepared with equipment that is meant for success. We even strive to have backup parts on hand whenever possible.  This helps reduce downtime on job sites.  

 By using the best, Aggregate Technologies can maintain a high standard that we demand of ourselves and our work. This creates a more effective and safer job site.

When it comes to safety equipment, our team may be required to wear full PPE, including goggles, hard hats, and masks to help prevent any injury or accident. This equipment is tested to meet and exceed industry safety standards.

A Drug-Free Team

Our team is made of all types of professionals, and they must pass a drug screening to be hired.  We also have randomized drug screening as well.  We feel that our team being drug-free is necessary, but it also gives us a competitive edge!  

Lunch and Learn Commitment

We believe that Lunch and Learn opportunities are a great resource for educating our customers and potential customers on our services, processes, technology, applications, best practices, and even our safety procedures.

We believe that communication with our partners is key and that proper education and communication create the safest job site environment.

Our Lunch & Learn Agenda (typically) includes:

  • An interactive presentation about a particular service or multiple services
  • A showcase of helpful pictures and videos about the service(s) of your interest
  • A technical discussion with a qualified estimator
  • Complimentary lunch provided (if in-person)
  • Question & Answer Session

Our Lunch and Learn opportunities can accommodate from 2 to 200+ people, they’re available online or in-person, and usually last 1 hour in length. These opportunities are customized to match the needs, interests, concerns, and wants of each specific company. Further, engineers will receive 1 Professional Development Hour certificate for the “Basics of HydroDemolition” course that we offer at NO COST!!

The more that we can communicate with engineers and contractors, the more all involved have a better understanding of technology, protocols, and procedures.

Award Winning Commitment to Demolition Safety

Our team is highly trained, and highly committed to safety. We believe that safety is an important part of a successful job, and without safety, you wouldn’t be successful. We are committed to employing any aspect that increases the safety of our team, our employees, the job site, your team, and anyone else involved. We are dedicated to advancing safety in our field and take education seriously. With knowledge comes power, and the more that you know, the more the industry can grow.

Aggregate Technologies takes safety so seriously that we’ve even won awards for it. We  aim to continue our commitment to a safer, more effective, demolition and construction industry. The STEP program (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) recognizes contractors for safety performance and training methods and standards. The platinum level of this recognizes ongoing exemplary efforts and is only awarded to those contractors who received gold or platinum awards in the previous year, and who also meet the highest level of criteria for the current year.

Aggregate Technologies has won these awards:

ABC STEP Diamond Award 2012-2017, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

ABC STEP Awards 2009-2011, 2018, 2019

Our operator training program is a key component in our successful safety environment. We have an outstanding safety record, and we are committed to the ongoing success and safety of our projects.

Aggregate Technologies is not only a leading force in HydroDemolition, but we’re also on the forefront of demolition safety and jobsite safety. We are committed to making the demolition and construction industry a much safer space for everyone. From proper training to the finest equipment, to a drug-free communicative work environment, Aggregate Technologies serves safety, so we may better serve you.To learn more about our commitment to safety as well as what we have to offer, please contact us today.

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