HydroDemolition Made Simple: A Comprehensive Guide

February 26, 2024

HydroDemolition, often hailed as a groundbreaking method in construction and infrastructure maintenance, might seem complex at first glance and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be. Consider it like being a dentist, a root canal may be a simple procedure for a dentist permitting everything to go well, but to a painter, it would be like rocket science. Understanding the process of HydroDemolition, its benefits, and what to expect can simplify this innovative technique. Let’s delve into what HydroDemolition entails and what you can expect from this transformative process.


What is HydroDemolition?

HydroDemolition is a specialized technique that employs high-pressure water jets to remove deteriorated or damaged concrete from surfaces. Its precision-focused approach selectively eliminates the selected concrete while leaving the underlying structure intact, making it an ideal choice for various applications in construction and infrastructure repair.

HydroDemolition used to prepare concrete for restoration work has been available for about 20 years in the United States. Water pressures ranging from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi at 15 to 100 gallons per minute provide cutting power. A typical HydroDemolition project requires 2 to 4 inches of concrete removal. The equipment that Aggregate Technologies uses is some of the finest available on the market. Our machinery operates on a single track, requiring only two operators at a time to complete some jobs.

HydroDemolition is the right choice for many types of projects, especially bridge repair and other transportation projects. There are many benefits, such as the fact that it’s 25 times faster than a jackhammer, and it lasts three times as long as traditional demolition methods.

HydroDemolition safety measures

The HydroDemolition  Process:

Surface Preparation

Before commencing with a HydroDemolition project, the surface undergoes preparation, which includes setting up barricades, ensuring safety measures, and assessing the area for targeted removal. Sometimes this even includes ground penetrating radar and other technologies to help ensure that the job site is completely scoped before the project begins. Aggregate Technologies uses a multi-step process to ensure that the site is properly prepared, right down to any documentation required.

High-Pressure Water Jets

Specialized equipment directs high-pressure water jets onto the damaged concrete. These jets break down and dislodge the selected concrete or material, leaving behind a roughened surface ideal for repairs. This means that your repairs are completed with more efficiency and will last longer than usual.

Selective Removal

HydroDemolition precisely targets certain areas without causing harm to the underlying rebar or sound concrete, maintaining the structural integrity of the overall surface. With precise cutting heads, it’s easier than ever to target selected areas of concrete or other materials precisely. This means that you can remove only the materials that you want, and none of the materials you don’t.

Cleanup and Inspection

After HydroDemolition, the removed debris is cleared, and the area is inspected to ensure the successful removal of damaged concrete, preparing the surface for repairs. At Aggregate Technologies, we follow OSHA standards for cleanup and project completion. This includes recycling a portion of the water used in our HydroDemolition efforts once it’s reached the appropriate PH level. One of the requirements for HydroDemolition includes having control over the water to be used. Apart from the installation of perimeter dams, deck drains will have to be disconnected. This includes the plugging of drains found at the lower levels. All proper water procedures will have to be followed, and Aggregate Technologies has a stunning track record of following proper guidelines.

Osha Protocol

What to Expect

When you call Aggregate Technologies for any type of job, the first step is always the same. The steps that take place after that will depend on the industry and the job’s needs.

First Contact

Before we can do anything, we’ll need to collect information about what you’re looking for and what you need. This helps us gauge your job appropriately so that we can better prepare for your project. This may include multiple phone calls, emails, or other methods of communication. Of course, first contact is always risk-free, and you’re under no obligation to choose us, even if we’re one of the leaders in HydroDemolition technology.

Site Examination

Should you choose to go with Aggregate Technologies or your HydroDemolition or concrete cutting job, we’ll want to examine the job site ahead of time. This allows us to properly prepare for your project, letting us know what materials are needed, what sort of crew will be required, what city documentation or licensure will be required, and more. Properly examining the job site ahead of time is the best way to ensure that you get the greatest success.

Project Day

Once all the red tape has been cut, and all the scheduling and small print has been taken care of, you’ll be given a date and time for your project. This date and time are coordinated with you, allowing you to properly prepare for the work. On project day, Aggregate Technologies will arrive early to set up all the required machinery. Our elite team is alert, bright, and ready to work, always drug-free, and properly trained. Should PPE be required, our team will be appropriately dressed, as per OSHA protocol.

Should your project require multiple days, these will be scheduled with your project manager to allow for success, efficiency, and the least amount of disruption possible. Aggregate Technologies uses the same state-of-the-art machinery for all our projects, meaning that no matter what size your project is, you’re always getting the best.

Aggregate Technologies is respectful toward the jobsite


Cleaning up is easy with Aggregate Technologies, as we follow all best practices and local requirements for cleanup and construction, both for HydroDemolition and otherwise. Aggregate Technologies will leave your job site just as we found it, or better! We believe in being respectful toward the job site, and to always treat each site like it’s our own backyard. Further, we’re also obligated to recycle a good portion of the water we use, making our process a more environmentally friendly option.

HydroDemolition is the way of the future, with our HydroDemolition equipment, you’re guaranteed precise, efficient work on a budget you can afford. We take safety seriously, going so far as to win awards for our efforts. Further, we also enjoy teaching others about HydroDemolition and our services, which we do through our interactive and exciting Lunch and Learn events. HydroDemolition is revolutionizing the way we upkeep our nation’s infrastructure, and Aggregate Technologies is at the forefront of that revolution.

To learn more about HydroDemoliton and how our elite crew can help you, contact us today! 

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