Hydrodemolition Concrete Removal Advantages

February 5, 2018

Hydrodemolition (also referred to as hydro cutting or aqua cutting) uses high pressure water to break and remove concrete. Unsound concrete can be quickly and efficiently removed creating a highly rough and bondable surface. Concrete that is still sound is left ready to be bonded with a new surface. Concrete that has become delaminated or contaminated by chloride can be removed leaving behind concrete that still has integrity. In situations where a membrane needs to be removed along with failing or damaged concrete, the aqua cutter’s pressure can be adjusted to cut down to a certain depth leaving the base layer intact. Adjusting the angle of the jet, rate of oscillation, and the traverse rate of the nozzle allows for accurate cutting of concrete. All of these variables are computer controlled.

Micro-fractures caused by traditional impact methods of concrete removal are not a risk in hydrodemolition. The existing good concrete surface does not experience the impacts and shocks of mechanical methods and maintains its integrity. Vibrations to the surrounding structures and surfaces are eliminated with hydrodemolition.

Hydrodemolition is the method of choice when working with bridge repair or expansion. Because the depth of concrete removal can be controlled, existing sound concrete is left behind providing a sound surface for new concrete. And because there is no impact vibration, the existing integrity of the bridge structure is not compromised in any way.

For highway and road surfacing, hydrodemolition can remove just the top few layers of damaged or unsound concrete, leaving the good existing foundation ready for a new surface. Because the surface left behind is rough and irregular, there is more surface area for the new layers to bond to.

Aggregate Technologies is the industry leader in concrete removal, and hydrodemolition is one tool in our arsenal of equipment and expertise.

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