FAQ: How long will it take to complete our project?

June 19, 2014

This is a good question and one that really can only be answered based on the job situation. But rest assured, we are in the business of getting things done, but safely.

When you set up an appointment with an Aggregate Technologies estimator, they will take the information from our project and ask as many questions as possible to get an understanding of your situation. With their work experience and attention to safety details, they will not cut corners or leave things ambiguous. Once they have an understanding of your needs they will walk you through the estimated time your project will take, highlighting any challenges that may arise during the different phase of your project, and offering solutions to those challenges.

At ATI, we pride ourselves in doing the impossible and being able to work in the most challenging environments. We are certified in nearly all types of facilities, and if we find we lack a certification, we will obtain that certification. This allows us to meet your needs in a safe and timely fashion and not allow clearances and paperwork to slow your project down.

Contact us when you need a contractor with a record of safety and success for your concrete cutting and hydrodemolition needs.

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