Faster Road Widening and Bridge Expansions with Hydrodemolition

April 14, 2020

Labor intensive and draining…bridge and concrete road widening is the out of town wedding you don’t want to go to but have to attend.

Contractors know they have to do the work but does it have to take so long, use so many workers, and take up so much equipment?  Does removing concrete and keeping the rebar have to be so taxing? No, it doesn’t.

Expanding bridges and roads just got a lot simpler. 

At Aggregate Technologies, our hydrodemolition Hydro-Bots remove the concrete and keep the rebar,  without all the microfractures in the concrete from impact removal methods!  It makes for a cleaner job that is uniform, precise, and takes less time.

Rebar left intact. Cleaned and Ready for New tie in of Rebar & Concrete

Our customers now see that they can choose to put down the hydraulic and air-powered hammers.  They don’t have to deal with all the microfractures in the concrete…and they can save their rebar in a way that makes the job so much easier to finish!  Even silica dust…the dirty friend no one wants on their job…is practically eliminated! 

We know that’s the way our customers like things done!  And they’re excited to see we can do it safer and more efficiently with only two workers (rather than 10)!  

Hydro-Bot machine

Chipping vs Hydrodemolition Method

Hydraulic &
Air-powered Hammers
Workers to run the jobAround 102
Exposes Rebar?YesYes
Creates Silica?YesMinimal
Causes vibrations?YesVirtually None
Causes Microfractures?YesNo
Saves time?YesYes

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