5 Things You Need to Know About HydroDemolition

March 13, 2024

HydroDemolition has been around since the late 70s, however, it didn’t gain much traction until the late ’90s. For about 20-30 years, it has been a trusted form of demolition for many and is quickly becoming the preferred, recommended method of demolition, concrete removal, and repair. HydroDemolition is both simple and complex, and there’s a lot that you should know about it, especially if you’re on the fence regarding its use for your project. But what are the 5 things that you need to know about HydroDemolition? Read below to learn more!

It Preserves Rebar

Perhaps one of the most important things you should know about HydroDemolition is that it preserves the rebar within a structure. HydroDemolition uses 15,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI to carefully yet forcefully remove sections of concrete and other materials. Because the process can be very precise, and because it’s a low-impact style of concrete cutting, it doesn’t damage your rebar but instead cleans it. HydroDemolition also creates the perfect surface for bonding, meaning that repairs are more efficient and tend to last much longer.  You may also cut down costs because of it. 

We probably don’t have to tell you just how important the rebar is, so anything that will remove the concrete without damaging the rebar is something you should be utilizing, in this case, that’s HydroDemolition. When you preserve the rebar, you cut down costs, and risks, while also increasing longevity and durability. 


It’s More Environmentally Friendly

There’s no doubt that the construction industry is one of the largest producers of carbon. The construction sector accounts for 37% of global carbon emissions. Because of this, many have started to look for ways to lower their carbon footprint. Beyond using environmentally friendly concrete mixes, recycling materials, and working with your suppliers to reduce energy consumption, HydroDemolition is one of the best ways to reduce pollution and carbon. This is because HydroDemolition is naturally a more eco-friendly option. 

HydroDemolition is a low-impact style of demolition and concrete removal, which allows it to release virtually no silica dust during the process. HydroDemolition also allows you to reuse structures, creating less embodied carbon by production. Repairs using this method also last up to three times longer than a jackhammer. 

This process also requires less materials and produces less debris than standard demolition. Further, it’s also less noisy and disorienting to wildlife nearby, creating less of a destructive impact on nature. Beyond that, HydroDemolition also allows you to recycle up to half of the water used in projects, saving water and reducing any drain on natural resources. Because HydroDemolition can be utilized with fewer materials, while producing less waste, and less pollution,  it makes it a perfect option for those trying to reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental drain.    

HydroDemolition low-impact

It’s Often Faster 

While the overall amount of time spent on a project will depend on the type of project and how large it is, HydroDemolition can indeed remove concrete at a faster rate than some traditional tools. HydroDemolition is up to 25 times faster than traditional demolition methods, such as a 15-30 pound chipping hammer. Concrete as thick as 5 feet can be cut in one pass with water jets, and depending on the job, it may only take a few hours to complete your project in total. Not only is HydroDemolition faster, but it also lasts longer, and provides greater efficiency and precision due to the state-of-the-art equipment used by Aggregate Technologies.  Our equipment is impressive, and the precision cutting head can be programmed to cut a specific shape with no overruns or relief cuts, such as a manhole for ductwork. Concrete decks and flooring are removed with the cutting head on the ground. Our machine can also articulate along a vertical wall surface and overhead areas up to 23 feet without support!  When you combine the sheer power of HydroDemolition with our advanced machinery, you’ll get a fast, efficient, and reliable method that produces amazing results. 

HydroDemolition is faster

It’s Versatile 

Historically, demolition equipment was cumbersome and difficult to manage. It was once rather complicated to fit into small spots and to take on risky, hazardous, or even unique jobs. However, with our newer and more advanced HydroDemolition bots, these types of jobs become easier to complete. Aggregate Technologies specializes in unique, hazardous, or unconventional jobs, and we pride ourselves on matching technology with creativity when finding solutions for your concrete cutting and demolition problems. 

Half of our solutions wouldn’t be possible without HydroDemolition and the versatility it provides. HydroDemolition equipment can fit into smaller spaces, making it a great option for tight corners and enclosed spaces. Further, it can work in unusual spaces as well, like underwater or scaling on the side of a wall. The possibilities are nearly endless, especially as the technology continues to advance.   HydroDemolition is unique, it doesn’t require a huge crew of professionals, and it’s able to operate where other pieces of machinery cannot. Aggregate Technologies has taken the time to perfect our craft, providing versatile HydroDemolition solutions to many different industries including petrochemicals,  education, hospitals, transportation, and everything in between. 

Aggregate Technologies

HydroDemolition Isn’t Perfect 

As much as we’d like to tell you that HydroDemolition is the perfect solution to all of your construction and demolition problems, we can’t, because nothing is perfect. While HydroDemolition is usually the superior choice, there are still some drawbacks that should be considered when utilizing it. For instance, HydroDemolition uses a lot of water, it’s in the name after all! If the job site isn’t near a water source, such as a fire hydrant, a stream, a river, or a pond, water may have to be trucked in. Aggregate Technologies utilizes a closed-loop water system, allowing us to recycle our water on the spot, cutting back on the need for a water source, while saving our clients money and completing the job on time. 

There are other things to consider when using HydroDemolition, such as the matter of cleanup, which is reduced from some other forms of demolition produce but is still messy. It’s important to view HydroDemolition for what it is, and not some fairy tale. HydroDemolition is a fantastic, efficient, clean, and precise way to remove concrete or materials without damaging the rebar or surrounding surface. HydroDemolition continues to improve, and any drawbacks are minor, despite their existence.  HydroDemolition may not be perfect, but it’s been a major advancement and a revolutionary game changer in our field. 

HydroDemolition comes with a variety of benefits that can be utilized by anyone who employs the technology. From the preservation of precious rebar to the fact that it is efficient, precise, and better for the environment, there’s a reason why HydroDemolition is often the preferred method of companies and even governments everywhere. HydroDemoliton isn’t perfect, but nears closer to perfect every year as the technology improves and evolves.  There are many things to learn and know about HydroDemolition, and the best way to understand the technology is to see it in action. Contact us today to learn more about HydroDemolition and how it can better serve you and your project.                     


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