5 Concrete Errors HydroDemolition Can Help With

March 15, 2024

While working with concrete may seem like a simple task, there are a lot of different things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, mistakes are not always evident at the beginning. While concrete errors can cause problems for timetables and budgets, advances in robotic concrete removal methods are making them easier to fix. HydroDemolition is a fantastic solution for many common concrete problems, from big to small. But what are these concrete errors, and how does HydroDemolition help with them?

FormWork Failure

Whether the failure is just a minor shift or a frustrating full blowout, formwork failures can spell disaster in terms of lost productivity.  Usually, correcting it often relies on handheld equipment that is time-consuming, loud, dangerous, and polluting. There are several downsides to using handhelds to fix this issue. First, it’s slow, backbreaking work that takes a huge physical toll on crew members. Some crew members may even develop physical chronic conditions over time as a result of using handheld machinery. 

Microcracks and damage to rebar

Additionally, heavy vibrations damage the rebar and leave microcracks throughout the remaining concrete, this means that there will likely be a need for repairs and that the final product won’t be as sturdy or long-lasting. These repairs also take time, cost money, and generally lower job site morale. 

However, when using HydroDemolition, you’ll be using high-pressure water jets as powerful as 40,000 PSI.  HydroDemolition blasts away layers of concrete, cleaning and descaling the rebar in the process. This method also eliminates the risk of having microfractures occur, which creates a structurally sound foundation for any further concrete repairs. Using HydroDemolition requires less crew, meaning that the rest of your crew is freed up to focus on other tasks such as getting concrete forms back in place, and keeping the task on schedule and budget. 

Concrete Segregation and Batch Problems

HydroDemolition robots allow workers to adjust the robot’s stroke, controlling the depth and varying the pressure of the water jet. This is dependent on whether they are removing looser, deteriorated concrete or lowering sound concrete to a precise,  predetermined depth. Once the required parameters are set, the robot then meticulously and precisely maneuvers over the designated area removing material according to set values. In some situations, this set value might require taking out all the material to a specific depth. In other situations, it might involve demolishing only weak or deteriorated concrete by adjusting the robot’s settings.


HydroDemolition offers selective removal capabilities that can provide a cost-effective solution for other concrete mix problems. For example, if there was a delivery of a bad batch of concrete that threatened to derail an entire project.

In this case, say that the concrete was already setting as crews poured. In this scenario, vibrations and other correctional methods were unsuccessful, and the concrete fell 350 mm (13.8 in) short, leaving a mesh of exposed rebar. If the contractor were to use HydroDemolition to selectively remove the poor-quality concrete, they’d do so without damaging rebar or the overall stability of the structure.

When the rebar was kept intact, the overall cost and time frame would be kept minimal. 

Off-spec Embedded Materials

Sometimes a concrete error is not a result of the concrete mixture itself. For example,  in scenarios where off-spec materials such as rebar or anchors need to be removed from set concrete, HydroDemolition provides the power and precision necessary for fast, efficient removal.

HydroDemolition machinery

HydroDemolition equipment is impressive. In addition to setting specific parameters for the stroke and pressure, HydroDemolition machinery can be programmed to cut geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles, squares, or even parallelograms.

This technology can allow workers to remove the required material needed to reach the embedded item, whether it is just below the surface or several inches down.

HydroDemolition is the perfect solution for off-spec embedded materials, as it allows you to precisely remove without damaging the surrounding material, helping to fix the overall problem without creating any further issues in the process. 

Concrete Repairs to Existing Structures

HydroDemolition also provides an efficient solution for fixing concrete errors in existing structures, whether during original construction or rehabilitation, such as removing fire-damaged concrete.

The main reason that HydroDemolition is so effective for fixing this type of issue is due to the absence of microfractures, all thanks to the impact-free process of HydroDemolition. HydroDemolition also provides a cleaner surface, which provides a perfect surface for future bonding. 

Additionally, HydroDemolition is recognized as one of the few methods capable of achieving concrete surface profiles (CSP) 3 through 10. This makes it one of the most versatile options for surface preparation applications. For example, a project manager could complete a task on a concrete water tank where old coatings need to be removed and then the surface roughened so that one could apply new paint or epoxy. This task might require a CSP of 3. On another project, such as one where a bridge pillar needs reinforcement, the same professional might be asked to provide a CSP of 8 for the application of the new concrete. Both of these tasks would be completed just fine with HydroDemolition, making it an excellent versatile tool for multiple types of projects and repairs. 


Compressive strength failure

HydroDemolition is a fantastic solution for concrete fixes that require great levels of productivity and precision. With compressive strength failure, those qualities are essential. Once a failure has been identified, HydroDemolition allows contractors to act quickly and efficiently to remove only the weak material without jeopardizing the overall structural integrity of the remaining concrete or producing any damages to the rebar. When the removal is complete, they are left with a superior bonding surface that will provide a lasting correction for up to three times longer than standard methods. 

Additionally, the equipment that Aggregate Technologies utilizes is highly maneuverable, which allows contractors to take on compressive strength failures wherever they occur. This is true even if the surface is horizontal, vertical, or even overhead. Our machinery also has additional capability that extends the robot’s reach and allows for specialized removal applications such as around tight corners or columns, inside tunnels, or even underwater. Whether in a normal space or somewhere tightly confined, we can go where you need us to go most. 

HydroDemolition offers a wide variety of solutions for many different types of concrete problems. Whether the issue is due to a bad pour, or something else, HydroDemolition is there to help fix the issue with efficiency and precision. Whether the issue is on the side of a building, underwater, or a bridge, HydroDemolition and Aggregate Technologies can help fix even the most dangerous or unusual fixes. HydroDemolition is a comprehensive solution, and Aggregate Technologies is a comprehensive company, ready to go wherever you need us when you need us. 

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