FAQ: When can you be here?

June 11, 2014

While we want your project to be on time, please realize that ATI will not rush out to a job site unprepared. This helps you get the right contractor for the job and helps us meet or exceed your expectations. But in most cases we can mobilize a crew and be on site within 24 hours anywhere inside the continental United States

Most of our operators have all the credentials needed to work in just about any facility we encounter but we do have the occasional request for additional classes. In some cases there is job site orientation or the crew will need other certifications to work in certain facilities, and this can cause a delay.

Other issues that can cause delay include weather, obtaining certain documents, insurance verification, back ground checks, etc. Some of our operators are more skilled working in the industrial setting, some in commercial projects, marine or oil and gas industries. Before we send anyone to your project you can be assured that they are highly skilled and have had the proper training and skills to tackle anything that is thrown their way.

A concrete saw crew most of the time is an operator or an operator and a helper. We only have to get one or two of our operators the right tools for the job and then send them out to the job site. Some companies need a few days to gather everyone up. It is easier for a one or two man saw cutting crew to mobilize than it is for a 20 man forming crew or a 12 man drywall crew.

The dispatch office at ATI will schedule your projects to be done around your schedule if possible. We understand that some projects are emergencies, but each project will need to be discussed in detail with all parties prior to sending or scheduling a crew regardless of importance. Safety is our #1 priority and we will not compromise.

Contact us when you need a contractor with a record of safety and success for your concrete cutting and hydrodemolition needs.

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