FAQ: ATI Employees TWIC Card Certified

May 10, 2014

After the tragedies in the country on 9-11, security in the nation’s ports became a top priority. Due to the potential threat for mass destruction at port facilities throughout the country, a Federal identification system for workers in these facilities was implemented. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is now a requirement for all workers performing work in the various port facilities throughout the country.

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Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) are required to work at airports.

To obtain a TWIC card workers must go in person to a designated processing facility to apply. Workers must bring their social security card, driver’s license or other acceptable documentation such as a passport. The applicant fills out the TWIC application and has a thumbprint done. A federal background check is done and the card is issued depending on the results of the background check. If the applicant is issued a card, they must come in person to pick up their card. At this time the applicant must enter a pin number and their thumbprint is checked to ensure it matches the one on file.

This can be a lengthy process, taking from 2-6 weeks. Aggregate Technologies has a staff of workers who have completed this process and have their TWIC cards.

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