FAQ: Are you qualified to work in industrial plants?

May 3, 2014

Aggregate Technologies has worked in industrial plants all over the US, including North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. ATI has strived to keep a great safety record so we are able to work in the industrial arena, with an EMR rating at .85 or less for the last three years. Most industrial plants will not let you through the door if you have an EMR rating over 1.0 in the last three years – just one “small” hand injury could make your EMR rating go over 1.0.

ATI prefers working in safety-conscious industrial plants where it is safety from start to finish, and without cutting corners. Some commercial contractors will try to get away with whatever they can. ATI is not like this and will not work on any job in an unsafe manner just to save a few dollars.

Concrete Trench Removal & Excavation Sulfur Plant Galveston, Tx

Concrete Trench Removal & Excavation Sulfur Plant Galveston, Tx

Our experience in the industrial field is core drilling small and large diameter holes, sawing, breaking and removing foundations, wire sawing foundations, wire sawing steel pipes that can not have any spark due to the material that was stored in the pipe, and robotic breaking 8’ to 10’ thick foundations where there can not be any ignition that could ignite and cause an explosion, and pile cutting.

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