FAQ: ISNetworld and PICS Certified Contractor

May 10, 2014

Aggregate Technologies, Inc. is registered and qualified through PICS Auditing and ISNetworld. Both of these companies provide a global resource for connecting hiring clients with safe and reliable contractors. The qualification process with both companies is a lengthy and expensive process to complete. Applications are very detailed. Company information including financial background, training processes, references and job history must be submitted and approved. All safety programs must be submitted and meet the requirements of the hiring company.

In addition all insurance coverage with the proper endorsements must be submitted to ensure ATI meets the requirements of the General Contractor. If a General Contractor needs a qualified company on short notice, ATI can get in and perform the necessary work in a short time frame as the company is already pre-qualified.

All company information and insurance information must be updated periodically. OSHA hours and information must be updated on a quarterly basis. Yearly membership fees for both companies are not a small sum of money. Keeping all of the information updated requires constant monitoring to keep the company in good standing. These companies provide valuable information to clients looking for quality and reliable contractors. ATI can provide quality work and services our competitors are unable to perform due to the stringent requirements.

Contact us when you need a contractor with a record of safety and success for your concrete cutting and hydrodemolition needs.

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