FAQ: How many people do you send on a job?

June 11, 2014

We will send as many or few people it takes to get the job done safely, and on or before schedule. Most jobs can be done with one operator and sometimes a helper. If we are called out to cut concrete piles we send an operator and a machine. Wire sawing may take up to two or more to get the job done safely. GPR scanning only takes one operator. Wall sawing could take up to two. Some situations we may only be allowed to work at night while tenants are out of the building. We will schedule our crews accordingly.

But the driving factor in how many people we send on a job is the size of the job and how long it will take to safely complete the job. We work all over the country and will use local labor if needed. Our business of providing concrete removal and demo is a specialized service and each job is different..

Aggregate Technologies has our client’s needs in mind on every project, but safety is our number one priority. Pairing the right operator with the right project is important, so not only do we send the right amount of people to your project we take in consideration to send the right person who’s area of expertise is right for your job.

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