FAQ: How do you core drill?

May 3, 2014

Large Diameter Core Drilling IAHCore drilling is used for drilling circular holes in concrete for a verity of applications: plumbing, fencing, electrical, pipe bollards and the list goes on. A core drill is basically a heavy duty drill press that can be bolted to a concrete wall or slab. Bit sizes range form ½” to 60” in diameter, and they have diamond or other material attached to the cutting surface.

Once drill has been mounted to the concrete and drill bit is attached water is used as a lubricant and to flush the concrete debris out of the bit and also keep the dust down. It is necessary to use a GFCI when drilling with water for safety.

Core Drilling Six Inch Holes 39 Feet deep on a Vertical and Horizontal Angle with 1 inch toleranceUsing the handle on the drill steady pressure is kept on the drill all the way through the hole or to the desired depth. Too much pressure can glaze over the segment (teeth) on the bit and cause them not to cut, while not enough pressure can cause the segment not to cut the concrete. Aggregate Technologies has experienced operators that understand all the dynamics of core drilling and can assist you with any type of project.

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