FAQ: How deep can you GPR scan?

May 15, 2014

GPR stands for “ground penetrating radar.” GPR scanning of concrete is used to find the position or depth determination of anything embedded within a concrete structure, such as plumbing, conduit, rebar, etc.

Ground penetrating radar scanningIn most cases we use a 2.0 GHz antenna that is good for about 13″ deep concrete – it can show everything embedded in the concrete. But if the mat of rebar or wire mesh reinforcing the concrete is closer than 3″x3″ squares, we may not be able to see past the first layer of steel. In this case we would need to try and scan the concrete from different sides or edges to view what is below the mesh or mat layer.

If scanning from opposite sides we can usually see be able to see through concrete up to 26″ thick, whether a concrete beam, slab or wall.

Scanning targets include rebar, cables, conduits, etc. It can also be used to measure the thickness of the concrete and locate voids or fractures. Different antennas are used to scan for different objects. Some antennas are tuned for hollow spaces, whiles others are set for the metal of an electrical conduit or rebar.

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