FAQ: Do you do residential work?

April 26, 2014

Aggregate Technologies works anywhere there is a need for our service in all types of environments, but typically we do not do residential work. There are times that we do get residential work when those customers need our specialized service. Some examples of our residential specialized services include removing an old concrete swimming pool from a home in a historic part of town that had strict requirements, and wire sawing and removing old metal machinery that was housed inside an antique barn.

The main reason we get hired for our jobs is because we are very specialized and have unique skill sets in the concrete cutting and removal industry. We are a professional company that is works in environments that require extensive insurance, and our team members are well trained and experienced. They are career employees and compensated very well with generous insurance and retirement packages.

Because of these reasons, many times we are not the best choice for routine residential concrete cutting and removal. Look around our web site and the work we do and see if we would be a good fit for you. If so, call or submit a online form for a quote and someone will get back with you or call 1-877-752-2729 (1-877-SLABSAW).

Contact us when you need a contractor with a record of safety and success for your concrete cutting and hydrodemolition needs.

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