FAQ: Who are your crew supervisors?

May 22, 2014

At Aggregate Technologies we have several layers of supervision. The top level begins with the operation and dispatch team. This department assigns the operator best suited for any particular job and sends out the job order. Once the order is dispatched, ATI’s General Superintendent, a person in charge of all operators in the field, constantly monitors their progress in the field and interacts with the sawman and the customer if necessary to resolve any issues.

Custom Drills- Drilling 2" x 21' Holes. Auto Feed-Custom Core Drill Set Up

Custom Drills- Drilling 2″ x 21′ Holes. Auto Feed-Custom Core Drill Set Up

Since each operator at Aggregate Technologies is a highly skilled and trained sawman, they act as their own supervisor in most cases. On large jobs, a designated foreman/supervisor will be assigned until job completion who will report to the General Superintendent.

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