Patent #8,276,577 For Pile Cutter

September 28, 2012

ATI has been safely and efficiently cutting and removing concrete piles for customers all along the Gulf Coast and nationwide for several years. Now the research and legal work has been completed to secure patents on this custom cutting system.

In 2011 and 2012, ATI used this now patented device to cut and remove 1,000 24-36” auger cast piles at a rate of 12 per hour – with no safety incidents or lost time hours.

And in 2009 ATI won the Houston ABC chapter Excellence in Construction Award for the cutting and removal of 10,000 precast driven piles in the Motiva CEP Expansion project.

The saw is attached to a boom that can rotate for precision cutting at any angle. After making the cut, the arms safely remove the detached concrete pieces.

This new machine not only cuts piles faster than traditional methods – it also delivers increased safety, as the operator is removed from the immediate cutting location and protected by the cab. There is simply no SAFER way to cut and remove concrete piles.



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